Huskies’ KO kids "Roc," 53-3
by Malamute, 23 September 2001

Washington’s KO kids—the A-team (Alexander, Alexis, Arnold), ET and Reggie—demolished Idaho on a day tempered by injuries to Jerramy Stevens and Braxton Cleman, both of whom will be out for at least eight weeks, Stevens suffering a broken foot and Cleman a broken collar bone. 

With speed to burn, Washington has a puncher’s chance in every game it plays this season, especially in games where it is overmatched, when its running game is taken away. That was especially true against Michigan, when Washington’s special teams and defense came to the fore, winning a game that looked hopelessly lost in the fourth quarter. The KO kids weren’t really needed against Idaho, who lost their outstanding quarterback, John Welsh (separated shoulder), but they put on quite a show, indeed.

To wit:

-- After Idaho’s Brian Pope kicked a 38-yard field goal to tie the game at 3-3, Roc Alexander ran the ensuing kickoff back 95 yards at the 11:39 mark in the first quarter.

-- Add Chris Massey to list of KO kids. After Larry Tripplett blocked a field goal attempt, Massey scooped the ball off the ground and ran it back 69 yards for a touchdown, the last play of the first quarter.

-- With 3:05 remaining in the second quarter, Charles “ET” Frederick returned a punt 87 yards for a touchdown, his first of the year, the second time he’s touched a ball for Washington.

-- With 4:06 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Taylor Barton hit Paul Arnold with a 20-yard touchdown pass, the Huskies’ first touchdown pass of the year.

-- Rich Alexis, who led the Husky rushers with 83 yards, scored on a one yard run with 10:19 gone in the fourth quarter. 

-- Although he didn’t score, Reggie Williams led the Husky receivers, garnering 77 yards, with five catches.


Going into the thirteenth round of his heavyweight fight against Billy Conn in 1941, Joe Louis barely had a puncher's chance it seemed; he was losing badly, having been out-pointed by Conn. Up to that round, Conn had fought a smart fight, staying away from Louis' lethal punches, while administering a lesson in boxing. In the thirteenth round, Conn got careless, thinking he had Louis on the way to slumber land, and began trading punches with him. Louis unleashed a brutal right cross that caught Conn squarely on the jaw, knocking him out. 

Like Joe Louis' right cross, Washington's KO kids (Rich Alexis (So), Paul Arnold (Jr), Roc Alexander (So), Charles Frederick (Fr) and Reggie Williams (Fr)) will give the Huskies a puncher's chance in every game they play this season, especially in games when the running game is taken away from the Dawgs. As members of the offense, special teams or defense--where ever they might be playing--they will need all the help from their teammates they can garner. Collectively, however, these five players provide a home-run punch the Dawgs haven't had in the past. 

Their speed and athleticism reflect Rick Neuheisel's style of coaching, the emphasis he places on team speed. Washington will win more games this season, where it will be coming off the mat, seemingly hopelessly behind; its young  offense is most likely a year away from gelling as a unit. 

But win or lose, it will be a fun team to watch thanks to Alexis, Arnold Alexander, Frederick and Williams. Of course, others will join the mix during the course of the season. As members of the offense, defense and special teams, these speedsters will give the dawgs a puncher's chance in all of its games. 


Idaho 3 0 0 0 3
Washington 17 20 7 9 53


Statistics Idaho Washington
First Downs 14 22
Rushing yards 34-130 4-212
Passing yards 120 222
Sacked-yards  4-16 1-3
Return yards 4 159
Passes 12-28-2 19-26-1
Punts 7-39.6 2-40.0
Fumbles lost 1-0 4-1
Penalties-yards 7-32 9-100
Time of Possession 28:40 31:20
Individual Statistics:
RUSHING: Idaho-Lewis 18-104, Tenner 6-10,  Gerstner 3-8, 
Welsh 2-6, Lacy 1-5, Lindgren 4(-3). 

Washington-Alexis 19-83, Cleman 4-61, Pickett 6-35, 
Singleton 7-12, Barton 2-8, Walker 2-7, J Hart 2-4, 
Hurst 1-3, M Wilson (-1).

Idaho-Lindgren 7-19-1-80, Welsh 5-9-1-40.
Washington-Pickett 15-20-1-158, Barton 4-6-0-64.

Idaho-Lacy 6-106, Lewis 4-5, Martin 1-6, O'connell 1-3. 

Washington- Williams 5-77, Reddick 3-53, Collier 3-21,
Elstrom 2-17, Cleman 2-13, Arnold 1-14, Stevens 1-13,
Hurst 1-8, Alexis 1-6.  


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